I have been planning and coordinating weddings for over 8.5 years, and have been involved with over 350+ weddings in that time.  I am not only a Wedding Planner, but perhaps more importantly, I am an Experience Creator.  What does that mean?  I’ve paid attention and gained valuable experience and a strong familiarity at each and every one of the weddings I have been a part of…  What do guests like?  When do you lose their attention during speeches, and how can we plan a timeline around that?  What kind of menu do people rave about, and which signature cocktails get scooped the quickest?  

Ultimately, what really matters, and what will people remember most about your wedding day?

Joe and I still go on and on about you. We will be out for a few drinks, and then go on a 10 minute praise session about Courtney :) You really were the best thing that could have happened to us. Family is still saying it was the best wedding they have ever been to. If we didn’t have your help, I think there might be an awful lot of radio silence instead.
— Kevin, Newlywed

I just texted Johnny to let him know how unbelievably grateful we are to him for orchestrating the happiest day of our lives with such style and ease. My head is still spinning at the moment - we can’t quite believe what we have experienced.

So this is just the precursor. I need to really sit down and focus to adequately put our gratitude into words.

For now I will just say that Tim and I feel like the two luckiest guys in the world. We had a perfect wedding day. Thank you thank you thank you. You’re stuck with us.
— Ryan, newlywed

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Owner + principal planner + facilitator of fun


Favorite Quote: Today I didn't even have to use my A.K. I got to say it was a good day - Ice Cube

What I love most about weddings: Making dreams come true, one wedding at a time... is there a cape for that?  Seriously though, I love seeing my client's faces when they see their wedding space for the first time all done up for THEIR wedding.

Favorite Drink: Mexican Coke in a bottle or a Moscow Mule

If I could be anyone for a day, it would be: Oprah. 



Years with AtE: 2.5

Favorite Quote: Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.  - Oprah Winfrey 

What I love most about weddings: Toward the end of the night when everybody is having a blast on that dance floor, and you look into the eyes of the person you just married and say, “We did it! Now let's do this forever”. 

Favorite Drink: Gray Goose three blue cheese stuffed olives dirty martini (Johnny is the self-proclaimed "bougie bitch" of the squad.  Yes, we're a squad, but much more badass than Taylor Swift's)

If I could be anyone for a day, it would be: Oprah (apparently we love Oprah around here!)

Home Office Mascot


Years with AtE: 4

Favorite Quote: Gangsta rap made me do it - Ice Cube & Let’s start the party right meow! - Unknown

Favorite Drink: I only drink the finest h20, preferably Evian, but tap will do.

If I could be anyone for a day, it would be: My life is pretty chill, I will stick with myself.



Years with AtE: 7

Favorite Quote: Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss

What I love most about weddings: All the details. I like seeing how creative people can be, especially when it’s something I’ve never seen before. And of course the dress!

Favorite Drink: Non-Alcoholic – Water, Alcoholic – Tall, Jack and Coke

If I could be anyone for a day, it would be: Carrie Underwood – I wish I could sing! She also gets to play dress up every day and be the center of attention which I hate!

Have you been looking for the perfect Wedding Planner, but just haven’t found anyone that you feel quite “gets you” yet?  

  • You want a laid-back and super-low-stress (I mean, what wedding is completely stress free?) wedding planning process

  • Most of the planner's websites you’ve looked at so far are super great and have lots of pretty pictures, but just don't quite fit you or your wedding plans.  You just might be feeling a little too quirky.  So are we!
  • You are planning to have a really fun party; the biggest one you’ve ever thrown, lots of dancing included
  • The ceremony matters to you- it’s why we’re all here, after all
  • You have an idea of what you like and don’t like, but need some MAJOR pro guidance (and a little "no, you aren't crazy") along the way
  • You can trust the pros you hire to produce and create an amazing day, and you feel comfortable giving up some control on the wedding day; we want you to be a guest, remember?
  • You understand that little things can go wrong, but it’s all in how you deal with it 
  • You want to give your guests a night to remember, a true experience from beginning to end
  • You feel comfortable forgoing wedding traditions that don’t make sense to you, or even creating your own!

After the Engagement is 100% in support of marriage equality, and we are happy to partner with all couples in love.

Because I don’t believe in recommending a vendor to one of our couples who wouldn’t service another of our couples, each of our recommended vendors also fully supports marriage equality and any LGBTQ couple we bring to them.

Courtney is proud to be certified by the Gay Wedding Institute.

You must know how much you meant (and mean) to us.  I was absolutely defeated and heartbroken when time and again EVERY wedding planner I looked up was awash in hetero-normativity.  It reminded me of being a kid and going into Hallmark stores and seeing that all the stock photos in picture frames were photos of coupled men and women and their families.  Not to see yourself reflected back in the world is so utterly corrosive to the soul.  When I found you, it was so powerful for me.  It was as though someone took my little 10 year old hand, and led me to the frames with pictures of women and women and men and men.  What you do, but more important HOW you do it makes an enormous impact.
— Angie, past bride

Please know that here, it is an important goal that everyone feel represented and respected, and we believe love is genderless.  We don’t use terms like “bridal party” or “bridal suite”, we say “wedding party”.  None of the paperwork will ever say just “Bride’s Name” and “Groom’s Name” and leave you wondering where to write in your name.  We have lots of experience with same sex weddings (or as we like to call them, weddings), and we are so grateful you are considering us for yours.