happy happy 2011

2010 really treated me well. I completed many amazing weddings, and met great vendors, great couples, and great families. As this year came to a close, I reflected on this and felt SO blessed. How lucky am I to be a part of all these special days? How great is it that I get to be completely responsible for my own business?!? I never dreamed this is where I would end up, but I wouldn't trade it for the WORLD.

I gave myself a really hard task recently. To end (or shall I say, BEGIN) the year with a post containing my FIVE FAVORITE photos from my 2010 weddings. Apparently I'm crazy because this was really hard. I mean really, really ridiculously hard. I saw hundreds of photos this year from some of the most amazing photographers San Diego has to offer. What makes it more hard is that I am still missing some photos from 2010 weddings that I am sure are amazing too! But without further blabbering, below are my Top 5 Favorite Images from 2010 Weddings!


This one was actually an easy one for me. From the moment I saw this picture, I just fell in LOVE with it! In fact, it now sits in prime real estate on my home page of my website, and soon, my new office. Not only is this just a rad image, it perfectly fits the feelings of that day. Carmele and Matt's wedding was just SO much fun with great vendors like Bill Calhoun and Exquisite Blooms, happy guests, and the most awesome, in-love couple. To me, this picture symbolized my 2010 wedding season- Fun and FABULOUS! Thanks so much to Nathaniel Kam for this picture, and for being all around cool.

Where is number 2? Oh, I can't decide! So, below, are #2-#5 or #7 or #8 in no particular order! I can do that, right?

This was another image I immediately fell in love with. So simple, yet so perfect! I love the flowy ribbon with the sandy backdrop. Thanks so much to Reams Photo for this beautiful photo from M and G's wedding day in August, and again, to Sally from Exquisite Blooms for the beautiful florals.

Another one from Paul and Amy Reams from Reams Photo! I think I have looked at the photos from Shin and Ben's wedding maybe 15 times. They are so fantastic! I was so lucky to work with Paul and Amy twice this season :)

I'm a sucker for black and white photos and this one takes the cake! This was during a "First Look" moment (don't know what a First Look is? Look here!) before Ali and Nolan's September wedding. SO special and so emotional! I had always been a fan of waiting until the ceremony to see each other, until I saw images like these- this picture is so intimate and beautiful. Thank you to Melissa from Melissa McClure Photography for this one. And a special shout out for officially being the quickest photog to get me images from our weddings together, and always a plethora of choices!

I love this dipping first dance photo from Susan and Tony's October wedding at MCRD Bayview Restaurant! It's almost like it was choreographed, its just that gorgeous. Sean Walker did such a great job at this wedding- I love all the photos!

Looking at this picture from Kim and Mike's October wedding just makes me happy. This wedding was another favorite from this year- small seaside wedding for just about 50 guests= perfection! Thanks to Acres of Hope Photography for sharing! Again, I shared the day with Bill Calhoun and Exquisite Blooms!

Did I say 5 favorites? Oops!

Another fun one!

Laura and Eric's beautiful bash at the Coronado Community Center! So cute of the bride, groom, and Mother of the Bride!

It was SO fantastic working with Erin and Louis Palos of Palos Studio

One of my very best besties was married this year, too! I couldn't resist adding this image from their reception at Old Poway Park- LOVE IT! Beki from Beki Dawn Photography did such a killer job capturing their big day.

This one isn't even from a wedding, but rather, a recent photo shoot! I die for this picture, it is so gorgeous!!! More pictures are coming from this shoot that I styled.

Hair/Makeup: Beauty by Gerine
Flowers: Exquisite Blooms
Jewelry Design: B. Mookie
Model: Brandi Folts

Thank you thank you thank you to Yasmine and Deshun of Dapper Images ! You guys are amazing and I can't wait to work with you again on Claudette and Cory's wedding in February.

Oops, I lost count. That's all for now, folks. I will be honest, the "top 5" photos is still growing. Maybe a series of blog posts just called "Images from 2010 I love" is in order??? LOL!