you want me to eat year old cake?

When I got married, I was only interested in one thing when it came to my cake... the TASTE. I never liked fondant or cakes that tasted like your kitchen sponge. Enter my favorite baker in all of San Diego, Shirley the Cake Lady. Once my mom, husband, and I tasted her cakes, we were hooked.

For my Retro-Hawaiian themed wedding, I chose Shirley's Ultimate Coconut and Zesty Lemon (made with fresh lemons!), and they were a hit for sure! I can honestly say I have never tasted better cake. Even people who don't normally love cake, LOVE Shirley cakes. She knows what she's doing; afterall, she's been doing it here in SD since 1968!

Now, to the reason for this blog... clients ask me all the time, "Are we REALLY supposed to eat year-old cake?" As tradition goes, the couple saves the top layer of their cake and eats it together on their 1-year anniversary. My husband and I did save the top layer of our Shirley cake, prepped it as she suggested, and ate it the following September 2. And... it was DELICIOUS!!! No joke!

Here are Shirley's expert directions to freezing your wedding cake-


1. Freeze the cake for two days, either in the box provided, or on its own.

2. Use only Saran Wrap and Heavy Duty Tinfoil to wrap the cake with. Take the cake from the freezer and wrap it 4 or 5 times with the Saran Wrap. Next, drape over 4 or 5 times with the Heavy Duty Tinfoil and then crimp the bottom all the way around and it will seal the cake for the year.

3. To defrost: Take the cake from the freezer, unwrap the coverings and let it stand in the refrigerator over night and then it is ready for you to enjoy. Congratulations!

Follow these simple directions, and enjoy your wedding cake on your anniversary!

If you are looking or a spectacular tasting cake for your wedding, visit Shirley at: You will NOT regret it. Besides the yum factor, she is just plain FUN to be around!

All her flavors are sinfully delicious, but my personal favorites are her caramel english toffee with almonds, her lemon, and her coconut.