Frugal Brides Share with Future Brides

My mom sent me a forwarded email today from this lady named Mary Hunt. She writes a column called the Everyday Cheapskate. Today, the email was titled "Frugal Brides Share with Future Brides," and had some good ideas about saving money with weddings. Below are a few of my favorite ideas:

FIRE FESTIVITIES. For a wedding reception that is out of the ordinary, have a bonfire rather than a sit down meal. My husband and I did this and people still talk about how much fun our wedding was. We changed clothes after pictures and started a big fire at my grandmother's house. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had side dishes brought by family members. It was the best potluck ever because we requested our favorite family dishes. By shopping in bulk for hot dogs and buns, we came out to about $200 on food. Rochelle, Maine

DESIGNER DEAL. My wedding dress was actually a bridesmaid dress in ivory. It was a beautiful designer gown and it only cost $250 including alterations. My guests were surprised when I said it was a bridesmaid dress, not a true wedding dress. When I was shopping for it, I found a wider variety of choices for high-end bridesmaid dresses than wedding gowns, and they were all a fraction of the price. Elizabeth, email

PERFECT TIMING. We saved by holding our wedding ceremony and reception at lunchtime on a Friday. We rented out a small restaurant for 40 close friends and family. We arranged to bring in wine and the restaurant made a batch of sangria to serve with the meal. The total cost of the wedding and reception was about $2,500, far less than it would have been during primetime on a Saturday night. Elizabeth, email

Some great, money-saving tips!