getting to know: AS Photography

I absolutely ADORE Aaron and Samantha from AS Photography.  They have the most relaxed attitudes and my clients feel completely comfortable around them.  I think everyone should consider them for their Big Day! I asked them why they love their job of documenting weddings.  "We love telling stories of rad couples in love.  We love meeting them, getting to know them and becoming a part of their special day."

I asked them to name three qualities of their ideal client, "Our ideal client is adventurous, unique and romantic."

Here is one of their favorite photos that they have taken- which happens to be from our mutual wedding of Janet and Dan.

And here is a picture of Aaron and Samantha themselves, taken by Melissa McClure Photography:

I'd only be half lying if I said I'm only friends with them so I can use their cute son in photoshoots (photo also by Melissa McClure Photography!)-

I mean, are you kidding me?!

But I digress, contact Aaron and Samantha today for your wedding photography needs!