his and hers - new twist on the signature drink

By now, most people planning their wedding or involved in the wedding industry are familiar with the "signature drink".  If not, let me enlighten you.  A signature drink is a cocktail inspired by your wedding, you as a couple, the season, your colors, or theme.  Sometimes it is there just for fun, and other times, it is offered as the one liquor alternative at a limited bar of beer and wine. This is done to add some variety, while still keeping the costs down from a full bar.  Now, here is a new trend that adds a fun new twist; the his and hers cocktail choices.  Choose TWO drinks instead of one (because let's face it, two drinks is always better than one drink, right?), one for each of you.  What a fun way to bring your personalities into your wedding! One of my recent clients, Heather and Michael, chose to go this route and had a ton of fun with it.  His Choice was a Malibu Bay Breeze and Her Choice was a grapefruit margarita.  Heather explains their decision below.

"We mostly wanted to do signature drinks because of how well they would tie into the Cinco de Mayo theme we had! There are so many fun drinks that are associated with Cinco de Mayo, but we knew we wanted a margarita.  We also liked the idea of doing signature drinks because when faced with an open bar, I am notoriously indecisive so if I were a guest, I would really appreciate having a fun suggestion, especially one that ties into the theme/vibe of the event!  We did two, because we knew that we would each choose something different than expected. We knew our guests who know us well would get a chuckle out of Michael's sweet selection of the Malibu Bay Breeze (very true to character) and my selection of a Margarita (I have had many fun nights with friends and family that involved tequila ;) ) I selected the grapefruit because I wanted something a little more interesting than a straight margarita but without it being too sweet.  We got a lot of positive feedback from our guests who loved our signature drinks, and enjoyed comparing the bride's choice with the groom's choice.  In the end, it sounded like Michaels drink won in popularity, but I sure enjoyed my margarita!"

And, obviously, when you have a couple of cool signature drinks, you simply must provide an awesome bar menu to explain them.  Here is Heather and Michael's:

Pictures by: La Vida Creations Photography

Stationery: Brightly Designed