are you too trendy?

I had a bride ask me today what many have asked recently, "Is that too trendy to do for my wedding?" She was referencing a candy buffet, but I have been asked this about cupcakes, colors, themes, etc. And my answer is typically no. Why?

The average bride spends 20-30 hours PER WEEK planning her wedding. Between scouring wedding magazines, posting or lurking on message boards, researching vendors, dress shopping, and more, she is inundated every day with wedding, wedding, wedding. Most current brides know what the trends are; some being candy buffets, cupcakes, comfort foods, "mini bite" receptions, stations, late-night snacks, microdesserts, dresses with pockets, photobooth favors, mismatching bridesmaids, green weddings, etc., etc., but the "secret" is that the average person knows nothing of these trends!

At every wedding I do where one of these current trends is present, guests are wowed. I recently did a wedding with a massive cupcake tower/candy buffet, and I cannot tell you how many guests raved about it. It was like nothing they had ever seen before. If they are like the average person, they may attend 1 wedding per year. They don't see these things played over and over again in wedding pictures, blogs, and magazine spreads.

My advice is to embrace the current trends if you like them, there will always be people who have never seen it done before!