New logo | New look

Hey all, You may have noticed the brand new look, colors, and branding for the website.  I am so thrilled with everything, and I think it really showcases who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to come across to our potential clients.  I want After the Engagement to be the Wedding Planning company for San Diego and Southern California couples who want to have fun with their wedding- the fun, the funky, the unique... those couples who feel a little rock and roll, with a hint of sparkle, a hint of girly girl, and a huge side of "Let's Party!"  The new logo is below, and lots of fun new branding is coming soon.  Be sure to poke around and check out our new headshots from AS Photography, the promo video on the "meet us" page shot by Side by Side Cinema, the fun new black and white striped website background, and so much more.  Let me know what you think!