post-nuptial depression + how to deal with "Life After the Wedding"

I had an email from one of my newlywed brides today with a question I get asked often... Is it normal to feel a little sad {and maybe even cry} after the wedding? I have often had brides ask me this. It is normal, and you might experience this too! Below is an article I have kept and passed onto brides in these instances, and I thought I would share it here as well, for my clients with upcoming weddings:

The problem may be that after months consumed by wedding preparations and feeling like the center of attention, the sudden shift back to everyday life can be a shock. You put a lot of time and effort into the wedding-planning process, where do you redirect your energy once it's over? Even couples who co-habitate before the wedding will experience changes in feelings.

The answer, is to direct that energy on yourself and your new marriage. Have a date night every week, without fail. Taking time to be with your partner and to think about each other is always important. Always remind yourself of at least two things: the reasons your partner is the right person for you, and that your beloved's annoying little habits aren't going to disappear at "I do."

After the vows, to defeat the postnuptial blues, doctors say, couples should get adequate rest and exercise; communicate your feelings constantly; focus on the benefits of marriage, like having a built-in support system; and start thinking about the future in terms of family or finance. Women should stop thinking of themselves as "the bride" and throw out those wedding magazines, then plan social events for after the honeymoon, so they have other parties to look forward to.

Taken from/summarized from : Postnuptial Depression: What Happens the Day After, Time Magazine

By Jeninne Lee-St. John