getting to know: natty macs

Have you ever had a french macaron (not to be confused with a coconut macaroon...)?  They are awesome; sweet, delicious cookies in many flavors and colors to suit any party or event.  I met Natalie from Natty Macs  a few months ago when she connected with me via Instagram (yes, social media really does work!).  Macarons are pretty trendy and popular right now in the wedding world, but I had yet to see a baker who specialized in them here in San Diego, so I was excited to meet her and try her confections.  They did NOT disappoint.  I shared some with my mom, and we both agreed that they were the best we had ever tried- fresh, chewy, and perfectly crispy on the outside. I know there is an art to these cookies, and Natalie truly does it justice.  She also uses the best ingredients, like butter from Europe, only available at Whole Foods Market. One of my favorite flavors for desserts is salted caramel, but many places don't get it right.  When I heard Natalie was making this flavor, I had to get my hands on a sample.  We met over coffee yesterday to talk about her recent business successes- getting Natty Macs into both Neiman Marcus AND Nordstrom, and to get me some samples.  I think you can guess what I had for dinner yesterday... and as suspected, the salted caramel flavor did not disappoint!  You definitely need to check out Natty Macs for your next party, event, or wedding.  To pay homage to our social media meetup, you should also check her out on Facebook.