warms my heart

Hi, Courtney –

Well now that the festivities are concluded and reality has begun to slowly set back in, I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all of your efforts both leading up to, and also on the “day of” Alli & Matt’s wedding celebration.

I have told several people that I felt you were the perfect blend of having everything completely organized and being focused on the goal of having every step run smoothly, but without being intrusive, conspicuous or overbearing. That is a hard combination to duplicate, but you made sure we all performed our roles but still had fun doing so. And your efforts with the two young boys, Zach and Ryan, as the flower boy and ring bearer were simply superb. They listened to your instructions and carried out their roles perfectly.

How you managed to find us a replacement DJ who was that good a mere 6 days before the wedding must be some sort of trade secret, because that just didn’t seem possible. So, thank you again. I would unequivocally recommend you to any of my friends who may need a wedding coordinator in the San Diego area. Best regards.

Father of the Bride, 7.24.10