wine and palette - party idea

As part of our team's 2014 adventures, After the Engagement & Friends are going to go exploring things that could work for Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, or even just fun nights out for you and your friends.
Last week Ashley, Courtney, Samantha from AS Photography and I went to Wine and Palette ( in Coronado at Chez Loma. Bri was the instructor and had everything set up for us when we got there and even cleaned up after we left. (The perfect kind of party!)
Courtney's (left) and Ashley's (right) paintings- we didn't follow the rules :)
What we were "supposed" to paint-
Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 3.11.50 PM
The artists!  From left- Briana, Ashley, Courtney, and AS Photography's Samantha-
Wine and Palette Blog
- Wine & Food! - It's something you don't get to do everyday - Plenty of time to talk while the paint is drying
- Everyone gets to take their painting home
PERHAPS NOT-SO-MAGNIFICENT THINGS for your wedding-related party-
- The canvases limit who you get to talk to because of their size and set up
- People work at different speeds so its too slow at times and too fast at others
- It takes the full time allotted so if you plan to open presents or play games it would make for a really long party
Wine and Palette is great for group events and you can even choose the painting your group will create.
For more information contact Bri at 619-863-5081 or