this could be your mom the morning after your wedding... #happymomhappylife:

Sunday morning my brother asked me if I thought everything at the wedding was as it was supposed to be, were there any glitches? I explained to him that EVERYTHING came off absolutely perfect due to the Wedding Planner!!! You were awesome! Thank you for being everywhere, on top of everything, yet behind the scenes. What a skill!!!! Thank you again.
— Mother of the Groom, Joann

Let's make some wedding magic, shall we? We can talk about your ideas, my packages, or even just how lifechanging tacos are.

Potential Clients

Please make sure to read the FAQ and Services + Investment pages, and then fill out the form below to start the inquiry process!  No detail is too much; I'd love to hear about you two, and your wedding plans or ideas thus far.  It's super important to me that we connect and form a partnership through your wedding planning process, so the initial inquiry lets me in on what you are all about.  Just a reminder, our package pricing is non-negotiable, so we'd love to hear from you if you find something within your needs AND budget!

Vendor friends, potential friends & partners

Since we track client inquiries using the form below, please refrain from using it and instead send a handy-dandy email.

Styled shoots-  Thank you immensely (seriously!  thank you!) for your interest, but unless they are extremely quirky/unique/non-traditional or utilizing a NEW venue not yet featured on wedding blogs and social media, our team is not currently making availability for wedding-related styled shoots, so that we may focus on our paying clients and their amazing real weddings. 

If you have ideas for ways we can collab together creatively, or experience your services another way in order to consider you for our vendor list, please feel free to get in touch! 


resumes/job inquiries

Thank you so much for your interest, but we are currently fully staffed and not hiring for internships or paid positions at the moment.


Please submit your initial inquiry through the contact form, it helps me track techy stuff.  Woohoo!

Speaking of technology, I love it, even if it sometimes fails us.  If you haven't heard back from the form submission within 48 hours, please shoot me an email.

Office Hours

Monday - 9am to 6pm
Tuesday - 10am to 6pm
Wednesday - 9am to 6pm
Thursday- OFF
Friday- Variable by weddings/rehearsals
Saturday- Variable by weddings
Sunday- OFF
National holidays- OFF (If the Post Office is closed, we are closed)



Thank you to each and every photographer who has supplied their gorgeous images for this website. 

We love and appreciate you more than you know.  

You capture the experiences and moments that we help create, and we are so damn grateful. 


Special thank you for website images including but not limited to: Brogen Jessup, Lauren Kurc, Jes Workman, La Vida Creations, Chaz Cruz, Plum and Oak, The Hamilton Brand, Aaron and Samantha Photography, Let's Frolic Together, Chris Wojdak, Andy King, Birds of a Feather, Maryanne McGuire, Allie Lindsey, Ashley Perry, Kathleen Geiberger, Ribbon & Rhyme, XOXO Wedding Studio, Tony Wodarck, Lauren Scotti, E Larry Wong, Whitney Darling Photography, BYC Photography, and Lee Cherry.  If you have a question about the origins of a specific photo (or any of the work pictured on the website, such as florals, catering, or rentals), please let me know, and I will direct you to the awesome person who created it. 


Proper credit is important, so if we have somehow missed you above, please send an email!