I am so SO glad that you are working with us, Courtney. I already feel so confident in this process and so much lighter. Now it all just seems fun and manageable moving forward.
— R.G., new client

The Base Package & the big day package

Choose the Base Package if you can be pretty self sufficient in your planning journey.  Approach me anytime you need assistance.  You get unlimited email, so I am here to help the whole time.  You get a really great checklist and vendor list, and we will see each other in person at the final walkthrough.


With our new Big Day Package, you get all the same benefits as the Base Package starting 3 months before your wedding day.  Your Wedding Coordinator for rehearsal and wedding day would be Johnny Montes, who comes to you with 3 years experience coordinating weddings under Courtney, and lots of personality, sass, and very white teeth.  Courtney walks you through all the pre-wedding stuff!

The plus package

Plus is great for people who still want a very active role, but who need a little more hand holding.  The addition of the Aisle Planner software will save you lots of time and head aches as it adds guest management, RSVPs, budget management, payments, an online checklist and more.  Speaking of your budget, the Plus Package adds in budget establishment (you give me your number, I break it down into categories in a realistic way), and personalized vendor recommendations, with email intros and contract reviews.  You get 2 more wedding day hours if necessary, and 2 additional planning meetings.  This is the most popular planning package.

I have to tell you how addicted to Aisle Planner I have become now that I’ve really started getting into it. It’s just great!
— Ryan, New Plus Package Client

the luxe package

You are REALLY busy.  Like infinitely busy.  You need mad help in putting this whole thing together, and are feeling seriously overwhelmed.  You are either someone who wants to have a hand in it all, OR someone who just wants to show up looking awesome.  You need someone to lead you through the whole thing with more than a little hand holding.  You need built in design services, unlimited wedding day hours, full vendor communication, presence at any and all meetings, tastings, and monthly planning meetings.