Below are some tips, policies, and operating procedures:


  • Get in touch anytime you have a question.  There are no “stupid” questions in wedding planning.  In most cases, this is the first time you’ve done this, so I expect you will need to be guided and educated on many processes, lingo, vendors, etiquette, “is this normal?” questions, etc.  Never feel the need to apologize for asking a question! 


  • Calling and Text messaging- Feel free to text me short questions or comments (858.382.4324), but anything that MIGHT need to be referred to later should be emailed only, as should the majority of our contact.  I have no way to track or keep my client’s text messages or calls (other than notes), so I much prefer email.  I will get and respond to your email just as quickly as I would a text, and much more quickly than I can/would a phone call.  Please refer to office hours for times to text.  Feel free to text OR CALL anytime inside or outside of business hours on your rehearsal or wedding day.  *Luxe Package clients are welcome to text inside of office hours as needed


  • Emailing and out of the office responses/extended vacations/holidays- As you’ve probably already noticed, I answer my emails very quickly!  This will continue throughout the planning process, and is not just reserved for prospective clients.  If I will be “out of the office” or on vacation for more than 2 full days, you will see a vacation response on my email.  Keep in mind, responses on weekend days will more than likely be slower than normal due to events.  Please see below for current office hours, of which I guarantee email responses, other than the above instances.


Monday - 9am to 6pm
Tuesday - 9am to 6pm

Wednesday - 9am to 6pm
Thursday- OFF
Friday- 9am to 6pm, variable by events
Saturday- Wedding'ing
Sunday- OFF
National holidays- OFF


  • We take off 10-14 days each year during December/January for the winter holidays.  We've found there is a lull in planning for most, so it's the perfect time to shut down and recharge for the New Year!


  • YES, in-person appointments are available outside of office hours with advance notice.  In general, weekend appointments are hard, and must be requested further in advance if available.  They are subject to change based on events booked.  Please book appointments approximately 2-3 weeks in advance, if not more.


  • Final walkthrough/final details meetings, which happen approximately 2 months before your wedding, generally must be done on weekdays.  This meeting is to discuss floorplan, itinerary, set up details, etc.  At this time, I will also provide some templates for final documents.  I do not typically provide timelines or timeline details prior to this period; reason being, things change!  Many months before the wedding is way too early to start discussing specifics, and will only serve to confuse the parties involved.  If you need a VERY loose timeline to, for instance, book hair and makeup, feel free to ask.  All vendors know that things change.  As long as you have your ceremony start time, reception end time, and whether or not you will do a First Look, all questions can be answered without the detailed timeline.


  • Help Me Help You- This is my philosophy!  I strive to make each client feel like the only client.  The truth, however, is that I serve approximately 25-30 weddings per year.  If I haven’t heard from you in a while, I will always remember to check in and see how things are going, but with the exception of the Luxe Package (full service), much of the contact is up to you.  Luxe package clients receive up to monthly phone meetings and several check in’s during the process.  As I mentioned before, I answer emails QUICKLY, so stay in contact.  Let me know when you’d like me to attend a within-package vendor meeting, provide feedback, recommend a vendor, etc,  I love hearing about your ideas, and having you bounce things off of me- don’t ever feel like you are being a burden!  Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome.


  • Luxe Package clients (full service)- your chosen consulting package includes up-to monthly meetings.  Some people find they need these monthly, others every other month or so.  Everyone is different.  Let’s plan to schedule each one with approximately 3 weeks notice for in person and 2 weeks notice for phone or Skype.  If you are a destination client (you don’t live in San Diego), these meetings can take place as a phone call.  Most other communications should take place via email, again for tracking ability and ease of use.