We can safely say that this was by far the best vendor decision we made.

We booked Thomas as our Coordinator for our wedding, and we can safely say that this was by far the best vendor decision we made. Not only do you get the excellent services from Thomas, but you also get access to his great recommendations for other vendors.
— Alex and Annie
We trusted him with our lives and our wedding.

He went above beyond beyond on all aspects of our wedding to make sure our vision was complete. Even running to the liquor store to buy more booze when we ran out early!!

Seriously this guy is a super hero and he’s pretty darn cute too!
— Jessie and Sean
You can trust that he has your best interest at all times!

The worst thing possible happened, our venue cancelled on us 10 days before our 200 person wedding. However, I am so thankful that I hired Thomas because he dreamed up a whole new plan for our wedding at a new location.

I don’t know how he pulled it off with such short notice but, our wedding was absolutely perfect!
— Keri and Art

Meet Thomas [and baxter]!

How long have you been doing this? And how did you start?

Ive been coordinating for 6 years now. I started with a wedding for a co-worker that led me into networking with vendors I had connected with, and snowballing referrals in from there.

What is your ideal couple like?

My ideal couple wants to have fun! They know how to make it about themselves and not necessarily "Bridal" or single-sided oriented. A marriage takes two people and your wedding day should be representative of both parties. My ideal couple has realistic expectations of what they can achieve and they value the hard work and efforts of those dedicated to helping and servicing them. 

Is a wedding day stressful?

MMMMMM.. this is a tough one. I don't anticipate a wedding day with stress or anxiety. Its more like "BIG GAME DAY" jitters if that makes sense. Through the planning process, I often develop a love and value for the couple I am working with and want their day to be as smooth as possible. To me, the hard work is in the pre-planning and logistics. The day-of is where we see all of the effort and love we have put into this day come to life.

What do you enjoy most about a wedding day?

Seriously, where do I start? 

-I love an anxious groom that arrives, finds me and says " We're good right? everything is good? This looks GREAT" Then I pin a boutonnière on him and hand him a beer and tell him to relax.

-I love when couples have something vintage or hand-me-down from a parents or even grandparents wedding. Often a cake topper or serving set, those items are THE coolest thing to see!

-Toasts. This is where the good stuff comes in. You think you know someone and then their sibling, best friend or parent speaks and you get to know a WHOLE lot more about them.

So, what do you do when you aren't planning weddings?

As you can see above, I LOVE my Golden Retriever, Baxter. Naturally we spend A LOT of time at Coronado dog beach or with our weight vests rucking around town. I'm a member of Varsity Gay League Kickball, Baxter is the team mascot. 

I have a group of childhood besties that gets together once a week for The Bachelorette and family dinner. Thats one of the highlights of my week! 

All that aside, I love exploring my hometown and taking advantage of everything America's Finest City has to offer! 


Have you been looking for the perfect Wedding Planner, but just haven’t found anyone that you feel quite “gets you” yet?  

  • You want a laid-back and super-low-stress (I mean, what wedding is completely stress free?) wedding planning process

  • You want to dance until your feet hurt

  • You think too many cocktails at a wedding is never enough

  • Most of the planner's websites you’ve looked at so far are super great and have lots of pretty pictures, but they just don't quite fit you or your wedding plans. You might be feeling a little too quirky and non-traditional. So are we!

  • You are planning to have a really fun party; the biggest one you’ve ever thrown, lots of dancing included

  • The ceremony does matter to you- it’s why we’re all here, after all

  • You have an idea of what you like and don’t like, but need some MAJOR pro guidance (and a little "no, you aren't crazy!") along the way

  • You can trust the pros you hire to produce and create an amazing day, and you feel comfortable giving up some control on the wedding day; we want you to be a guest, remember?

  • You understand that little things can go wrong, but it’s all in how you deal with it - and all in how we cover it up (expertly, I might add)

  • You want to give your guests a night to remember, a true experience from beginning to end

  • You feel comfortable forgoing wedding traditions that don’t make sense to you, or even creating your own!