A Planning Partner for the New-Fashioned Wedding


Have you been looking for the perfect Wedding Planner, but haven’t found anyone that you feel gets you or your wedding yet? 

you've landed in the right place, yo, because...  

we are wedding pros for the misfits, the creatives, the rock and rollers, the cool (and not so cool) kids, the engaged who want to throw a bad ass party above all else, all while being led by a non-judgmental, non stuffy, no “pants suit and briefcase clad” wedding gangster. 

getting married at a hotel? cool! feeling a diy venue with complicated logistics? check, check, been there and done that!

Say buh-bye to the fake crystals, shitty hockey puck chicken dinners, late starts (because it's so not true that all weddings start late), and pretty princess weddings, there's none of that around here. 

like hooters, we do love a touch of delightfully tacky yet unrefined sparkle.  sorry, boo, it's in our bones.


•  You want a laid-back and super low stress wedding planning process

•  You want to present your guests with a true experience in every way

•  You intend to throw a really fun party; a too many cocktails-dancing til your feet hurt-night to remember kinda party

•  You don't feel "married" to each and every wedding tradition



"My maid of honor warned me not to fall in love with you but seriously!!? You make my wedding life so easy!"


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