Your caterer is obviously responsible for preparing food (and maybe your bar as well), but it is important to note some other jobs they should be doing:

Setting tables with rented china, flatware, folding napkins, setting out glassware, bussing rentals back into their crates (scullery), bussing trash, taking out trash, and in some cases, removing trash from the venue.  Depending on your plans, it may be the job of the caterer to do tableside water during dinner as well.  

The catering staff also moves chairs from ceremony to reception if that is a part of your wedding plan.

If your caterer is not a full service caterer, it will be important for us to hire staff to accomplish these jobs.


venue manager

The venue manager is responsible for unlocking/opening the venue, and managing all aspects of the venue.  Some of their jobs might be to enforce smoking rules or noise ordinances, knowing where electricity is located, providing wifi passwords for the DJ (if available), and locking up at the end of the night.


wedding planner

The most important vendor!  (Just kidding!).  The Wedding Planner/Coordinator is generally the manager for all other vendors on the day of the wedding.  He or she will likely be the first one there (perhaps besides rental unloading) and the last one to leave (perhaps besides the DJ grabbing the last of his or her equipment).  In terms of set up, they will set up ALL your personal items.  Here are some examples:

Signage, escort cards or seating chart, linens, minimal DIY centerpieces, candles, cake cutting set, special champagne glasses, guestbook, cake or dessert table decor and desserts, water station, gift table, memorial table, DIY photobooth station, etc.  Basically, anything you've purchased on Etsy, we can set up!

If you are DIY'ing most aspects of the wedding, we may need to discuss adding one additional Coordinator at $300 (90%+ weddings do not need this).

Your Wedding Planner/Coordinator does not:

Set up or run lights, audio equipment, make announcements, bus trash, move rental equipment, cut cake, or serve in place of any other professional vendor.


Any questions, let me know!