You have hired lots of great vendors.  The wedding is getting closer.  Now, who does what, and do I need to hire anyone else?



wedding planner

On the wedding day, your wedding planner is responsible for cueing the ceremony participants, overseeing your vendors set up and strike, cueing VIPs for formalities like speeches and dances, managing the timeline, & setting up your personal decor items (cake cutting set, champagne flutes, signage, menus, programs, table numbers, escort cards or seating chart, guest book, etc.).  We are often also responsible for simple table settings at small weddings, or your simple DIY centerpieces.  We don't generally have time or ability for full table settings, or complicated centerpiece construction.

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Venue manager or coordinator

Your venue manager is responsible for ensuring that the venue rules are followed, and that your and their liability is kept to a minimum.  Depending on the venue, they may assign a Banquet Captain, who will be at your event for it's entirety.

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In addition to obvious things like serving the food, the full service caterer is generally responsible for setting tables, bussing tables and trash, and hauling trash at the end of the night, if it is a venue who has no on-site trash receptacles.  Other jobs your caterer may be responsible for are: moving chairs from ceremony to reception, pouring water at the tables, providing ice at the wedding, and more.  It is always my suggestion to double check who is doing these things.  If it is too expensive to have your caterer provide some of these items, or if you do not have a full service caterer, there are always staffing companies we can bring in to pick up the slack.



Do you still have questions?  I am happy to lead you through this process.  Just ask!