becky + brendan

Becky and Brendan's wedding was held on 3/27/10 at NTC Chapel and MCRD Bayview and it was beautiful. I could not have loved her colors any more! She was so creative to do her own centerpieces too and used candles and sliced lemons... the whole place smelled YUM!

I must admit, this wedding was a little exercise in patience and perseverance. Unfortunately, there was a giant sinkhole on Laurel with a sign asking airport patrons to take Rosecrans... thanks! Rosecrans was where both our venues were off of! Guests were late, the limo got stuck, I got stuck, I was locked out of the church to get my bride for the processional, just a basic case of Murphy's Law.

In the end, all was well that ended well. Becky and Brendan had a lovely day, wonderful time was had by all! I have to give a much-deserved SHOUT OUT to Amy and Maurice from Theorie. Wow, they are true wedding professionals and even helped to calm ME down by telling me all the mishaps they had run into during their 7 years photographing weddings. Needless to say, our troubles that day were MILD. Thanks guys, you are the best!