A Planning Partner for the New-Fashioned Wedding


Have you been looking for the perfect Wedding Planner, but haven’t found anyone that you feel gets you or your wedding yet? 

you've landed in the right place, because...  

getting married at a hotel? cool, WE GOT YOU.

feeling a diy venue with super complicated logistics? check, check, been there, done that, and came home with a trophy!

Say goodbye to the fake crystals, the boring chicken dinners that everyone thinks are shit, the late starts (because no, it’s not true that all of these things start late), and the pretty princess precious frilly whatevers, there's none of that around here. 

we can help you

plan the hell out of a kick ass wedding.

many of our clients are hospitality industry professionals themselves, and we feel like that says a lot.

We simply get it.

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"My maid of honor warned me not to fall in love with you but seriously!!? You make my wedding life so easy!"


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