The photo above, taken by Melissa McClure, at our wedding at the Dana last weekend is of me utilizing a tool from my vast emergency kit! You can see the big black duffle on the table- that's it!

Sara and Mike chose to do many of their pictures before the ceremony, which worked out so well and made the day a lot less stressful for all involved.

During the course of these pictures, Sara got some dirt on the bottom of her lace-trimmed gown. Not wanting to have this there during the ceremony, I was able to dip into my kit and get the dirt off with my Tide pen!!

I also used some double-sided tape from the kit during this wedding- both to tape the reserved signs to the family seating and to tape down some lace on her dress.

Other things in my kit are bobby pins, a sewing kit, deoderant, perfume, waterproof mascara, eye drops, ibuprofen, tums, mints, immodium, pens, white duct tape (works for "hemming" a wedding dress), hairspray and gel, tampons and pantiliners, lighters, and MUCH more. My brides (and grooms!) are always prepared for an emergency!