the photobooth + beer

Stone Brewery's restaurant invited me out for 3 nights of Valentine's fun this past weekend where we met so many great people, and had a blast! The beer didn't hurt, either. While I haven't gotten a chance to try the food yet, I am sure we will be returning here sometime for leisure. It was such an awesome place, and a rare find in North County- close to us!

The patrons and employees of the store, brewery, and restaurant enjoyed the photobooth, and I saw lots of different poses. One of the cool things about the portable booth is the ability to move it on a whim- you will see one of the employees of Stone's store peeking through the rebar gate on the store- fun!

The photobooth will be returning to Stone on Wednesday, March 3, for the "Meet the Brewers: Collaboration Day" event, which will include some neat stuff for charity. We hope to be a part of many Stone's events in the future!