tricia + rudy | hard rock hotel wedding

Tricia and Rudy, I LOVE you guys!  This couple was such fun to work with, and I feel like I made great friends, too.  Here is the thing about me: I love weddings, all kinds of weddings, I really really do.  It is my life, and my passion.  But (did you know there was a but?) all of us in the industry can admit that sometimes certain decor elements or trends just get, er... played out. Tricia and Rudy's wedding got me EXCITED again,  for they wanted to do everything different.  Bold colors (red, black, and pewter), music themed, getting married in front of a giant mural of Jim Morrison, no cake (but Ben and Jerry's sundaes were there!), no boutonnieres, even!  It was totally awesome, and way fun.

This wedding was in June, and I actually got photos not too much after that from their amazing photographer, Kamee June.  We were all SURE this wedding would get published in a popular "rock" wedding blog... but alas, it wasn't a match for them.  Hmmm.  Since then, I have been working my butt off trying to find a home for this awesome and unique wedding, but almost every blog I submit it to says they are looking for "vintage-inspired" weddings... that is all fine and dandy (and yes, can be beautiful also... I too, am addicted to all these amazing blogs), but there must brides out there who want something different for their wedding than what is trending at the moment?

To be honest, I think this experience (and Tricia and Rudy's totally rad, totally rock wedding) has inspired me to start thinking about starting my own wedding blog... and no, not just my wonderful and amazing and totally thought-provoking blog here, but an expanded wedding blog, where I can feature all kinds of awesome and UNIQUE weddings, and not just my ridiculously cool, ridiculously fun, and ridiculously beautiful clients' weddings.  Am I crazy?  Yes, that is entirely possible.  But my goal is to start working on this and see where it takes me.  I know it won't be easy, but nothing in life really is.

Now, back to the Mr. and Mrs. here, the reason for my post.  In addition to planning a wonderful day, they hired some total top-notch vendors, who helped me make this day all they wanted (and hopefully more)!  I was thrilled to work with Bethel Nathan, of Ceremonies by Bethel for the first time (though we were already Facebook buddies), and boy was she great.  It had to be the most personalized, fun, and inclusive ceremony I have ever heard!  We got to hear the True Life: Tricia and Rudy story, told from their own memories.  So cool!

I was in lust with Exquisite Blooms' black magic roses- some of my very fave flowers.

Wedding Planner and Photobooth: After the Engagement Photographer: Kamee June Photography (You were totally fun to work with and I hope to work with you again, Kamee!)

DJ: Daniel Cerda- Groom's brother

Venue: Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego - Celebration Room

Officiant: Bethen Nathan, Ceremonies by Bethel (Bethel will help you put some real thought and meaning into your ceremony to kick off your party!)

Florist- Sally Preston-Gonzalez, Exquisite Blooms (My #1 gal!  Eli, hurry up and show your face so your Mommy can get back to work!  I say this in kidding... I think)

Ice Cream Sundae Buffet: Ben and Jerry's Point Loma (Ask for Ephraim)

Linens: Irene Gonzalez, A Perfect Table (Perfect linens in every color!)

Hair and Makeup: Kitsch by Kat (Beautiful work!)