til death do us party.

because wedding planning doesn’t have to suck.


hey dudes, have you heard about this?

  • wedding planning driving people crazy

  • terrible vendors taking your money and then not answering emails

  • fighting with the fiance(e)

  • the most stressful year ever

even worse, are you already feeling that way, and you haven’t even gotten started yet?

or maybe you are just feeling totally overwhelmed.

it truly doesn’t have to be like that.  


meet your new best friend

Getting married at a hotel? Cool. Did you fall in love with a DIY venue with super complicated rules, logistics, and loads of vendors needed to make your vision come alive, but you are intimidated by everything that goes along with that? Been there, done that, came home with a trophy.

After the Engagement is a boutique wedding planning company that is all about unique, non-traditional, non-cookie cutter weddings that let your creativity reign, your personality shine, and leave your guests talking about how much fun your party was for years to come. It’s not just about how it looks, it’s about how your wedding feels. I strive to create experiences from beginning to end, and I pride myself on my background in customer service and hospitality above all.

“Wedding food always sucks" “Wedding DJ’s are cheesy” - says who? Hockey puck chicken, tough steak, and bad wedding cocktails can go to hell, man! Let’s wow ‘em with food from the best wedding caterers, good booze and creative cocktails, the most bangers to take your shoes off and dance to, and of course, a kick ass, not-ever-cheesy professional wedding DJ.

Throw in some pretty shit to look at (Instagram content, anyone?) while you pledge forever to your main squeeze, and you have a great f’ing wedding. The worst parts of weddings are long gone, you do not have to do them. Let’s throw a great party; one where you get to look around and see everyone you love in one place at one time, for what will probably be the only time in your life. It’s somethin’ to celebrate and remember forever.


a planning partner for the new-fashioned wedding

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tell me what you want, what you really really want…




wedding management

I want your expertise and calm and cool demeanor, but I can do a lot of the leg work. I need a Wedding Coordinator, but one who knows what they are doing.



the good shit

I want more help along the way and someone to hold my hand and tell me I am pretty/handsome and not crazy at all, I need a Wedding Planner.



everything, i’m a bougie bitch

I want it all. I am for-real busy, I could possibly be called a lost little puppy right now; help me, I don’t even know what a linen or farm table is. I need a Fairy Godmother.


taylor & ben

featured blog post + whitney darling




boring weddings aren’t worth your time or money





i think i love you.

there, i said it.

call me (well, actually email me first, then maybe call me).